Clinical Negligence Claims Now

The ever rising figures of medical ...

By no means, it is easy to find out the exact number of medical negligence claims filed every year in all the countries of the world. It is even m...

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Matteo Trentin wins stage 14 in Lyo...

Tour De France Cycle race is in progress and every day the race has completed every stage. Yesterday, 14th stage of the Tour De France cycle race ...

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Malala Sign of Brining Educational ...

When Malala Yousafzai was injured in an ambush attack last October in her school van while coming from her school, a terror and wave of fear was s...

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Andy Murray Clinched Victory Over F...

British Tennis star, Andy Murray  defeated his opponent, Spanish tennis star Fernando Verdasco in the dramatic win with five-set on the Center C...

The ever rising figures of medical negligence litigations in UK health care system

By no means, it is easy to find out the exact number of medical negligence claims filed every year in all the countries of the world. It is even more challenging to correctly identify that how a case is linked with the health care department of the country. Thus, it is not at all possible to exactly determine in context the scope and number of medical negligence compensation claims filed all over the world. There may be more than many reasons to answer the question why one country has higher or lower number of such cases as compared to the other.

Clinical Negligence Claims Now

However, to make any concrete assessment of medical negligence claims cases at global level is also impossible. If some country shows a poor clinical malpractice record, it may suggest that the society is very litigious; whilst a country with a relatively positive record of cases may indicate a poor system of justice that is incapable to effectively safeguard the rights of citizens. In a word, different country will have different number and types of clinical negligence cases, but these disparities of statistics between nations is not useful in grasping the true working of their legal or health care systems.

Instead of looking at the total number of medical negligence compensation claims filed in some country, it is often more helpful to consider how much percentage of public health funding in the country is allocated to bear the costs of negligence compensations. In United States, a country which is regarded as a highly litigious, it is the only 0.6 % of total health care budget which is reserved for the expenses of medical negligence claims–since the 1990, it is lowermost statistic. But the allocation of reduced public health funding in United States does not mean that the medical professionals in the country have all of a sudden resolved to practice their duties with more care. Actually, this national tort law reform requires the claimants to produce extensive medical evidences to prove their clinical negligence claims. This 0.6 % allocation also does not reveal anything about how much the private sector of the country is spending on public health.

Though, over the last two decades, there has been a decline in the number of recorded clinical negligence instances in the United States; however according to the recent statistics published by the ‘Journal of the American Medical Association’, more than 225,000 patients are subjected to death every year in the country as a result of some poor medication, hygienic infections, surgical errors and other types of medical negligence. In view of high maturity of US legal setup and its standard scales, it can be easily assumed that it is home to one of the largest number of negligence incidents worldwide. On the other hand in UK, despite the increase in compensation funding, the number of medical negligence claims has shown a rise over a period of two to three years. Such congruity makes it clearer that the number of recorded negligence claims cannot be an effective measure of health system in any country. More reports on negligence at

Matteo Trentin wins stage 14 in Lyon during Tour de France Cycle Race

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Tour De France Cycle race is in progress and every day the race has completed every stage. Yesterday, 14th stage of the Tour De France cycle race has been completed in which Matteo Tentin won the 14th stage of the cycle race. Chris Froome is overall has the best score in the race so far and he has the yellow jersey in the cycle race. Italian cyclist, Trentin had a sprint finish with the last 13th stage winner, Cavendish. The overall good performer in the race, Froome finished seven minutes late than him and two minutes before the Mollema and Contador.

The stage 14 gave them some relaxation as the breakaway group was a real threat for Froome and the team sky moved the peloton to the finish line. Froome said that the first 80 kilometers, the race was easy as it was flat and on the flat road chasing was very difficult task. During the flat race, he was two minutes and 28 seconds ahead of Mollema and 17 seconds from Contador.  The route of the cycle race was categorized in seven parts and it seemed perfect for the breakaway group for getting the advantage of victory. Another breakaway specialist of Germany, Jens Voigt was also in the four riders group and he tried to get lead in the race in the initial stage. During the race, there were 18 riders who got the convincing lead for more than six minutes but Julien Simon got a sprint and finished the race early.

France has been conducting this Tour De France cycle race from last 100 years and now it is the 100th annual cycle race, being celebrated in the country. This race starts in the initial date of July and during the third week, it comes to end. During this cycle race, the whole cycle race travel from one city to the other passing through the small cities and towns and showing the beauty of the countryside area of France. This cycle race also pass through the hilly area of the country and come down from the mountainous range dwindling through it. People of all areas enjoy with this cycle race and show their love with the rider through providing drinking bottles and the eatables. The prominent cycle riders of different countries join this cycle race and get the experience of cycle race on the flat roads as well as on the hilly tracks too.

Froome is on the lead in this cycle race and he will try to maintain his overall performance in the cycle race by showing his tremendous performance and he will also contain the yellow jersey being the highest scorer of the cycle race. There are some other riders including Sojasun rider tries to become the first French stage winner of the 100th edition of this cycle race. He was leading in the cycle race during the last stage but he could not succeed as Michael Albasini and Jan Bakelants overtook him in the last couple of kilometers.

Source: BBC

Malala Sign of Brining Educational Revolution in the Society

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When Malala Yousafzai was injured in an ambush attack last October in her school van while coming from her school, a terror and wave of fear was spread throughout the area and most of the people denied sending their daughters in the schools. In such terrific situation, most of the people did not want to take risk while sending the young daughters as in those day militants aimed at the girls schools especially.

At that time, the aid workers, teachers came out of their homes and they started gathering people and asked them to fight back against the terrorism and get revenge from the so-called Taliban by getting education their daughters. They emphasized the people and convinced them to fight back against terrorism just like Malala and raise their voices for the right of education of their children. The schools, where number of girl students was only 30, their number of students swelled to about 300 which is a dramatic rise in the girl students. Now girls come to schools clad in white headscarves and pale blue tunics start their day in school with the recitation of Holy Quran and National Anthem. Huge number of girl students wanted to get education and they want to fight with worse condition of illiteracy and remove the ill wills of so-called civilized people.

Various local children want to get education and they favor the importance of education. They feel the bravery and courage shown by Malala in enlighten the importance of education. Her school and class fellows also mention her name with great respect and they all want to become Malala in their selves. They support education and many of them have been dreamt with doctor, teachers or policewoman and bring civilization in the country and civilization. They also give the emphasis on the importance of the Islamic ideology as well as get modern education. Now most of the families are agree to send their children in schools to get education. Huge number of people is very poor and they cannot support their children to buy books and other necessary materials for their children.  The children are happy as they are going to bring the revolution in their society with the help of education.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has carried out a survey in which it is revealed that there are still 5.4 million children, who age is to go to the schools for primary education but they do not get education. There are various other children who age is to get education at the secondary level but they are not provided the facility to get education as there are less number of schools. Most of the people are poor and they cannot afford to get their children educated in the private schools due to their huge fee. Most of the governments are reluctant to spend huge amount on the education or setting up new educational institutes. Governments also do not initiate the scholarship schemes for the poor children as they have their own political concerns. These political governments provide facilities to their own voters not to the general public which the great hurdle in spreading of education.

Source: BBC

Andy Murray Clinched Victory Over Fernando Verdasco at Wimbledon

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British Tennis star, Andy Murray  defeated his opponent, Spanish tennis star Fernando Verdasco in the dramatic win with five-set on the Center Court and kept his hopes alive to win the Wimbledon title. The score of the match remains with 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 6-4 and 7-5 in favour of Andy Murray and now he marched towards semi final of the Wimbledon. Andy Murray is looking playing like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal as he has the ability to do any upset in the match.

During the match, Andy Murray committed 14 aces, 3 double faults, 69% scoring on 1st service and he won on the 1st service about 77% and 2nd service 55%. Now after winning this match, Murray reached to the semi final of the tournament. In another match, Top seed Novak Djokovic defeated Tomas Berdych in three sets and he also qualified for the semi final against Juan Del Potro.

Andy Murray showed remarkable performance in the match and he won the unexpected match against Verdasco and played some heavy hitting which pushed him into the next match. The Spanish player made various mistakes while playing his forehand shots but created problems for the Scottish player and stopped him at the two break points in the first set with the help of his good service. On some stages, he came under pressure and committed the double fault, which resulted into losing game and after all handed over the set. In the beginning, he was lazy and seemed nervous to serve second time but increasingly he gathered confidence and played some excellent shots. Verdasco also played well and he gave tough time to his opponent, Murray during the whole game. In every game, the match was dwindling on the one side and then on the other. Verdasco played some beautiful shots with his stunning smashes and Murray committed some mistakes with throwing ball in the net, then committed mistakes to play wrong forehand and backhand shots. Verdasco won the first two sets with great margins and took lead of two sets in the match. He outclassed Murray in the first two games and got the easy victory of two sets. At this time, it was seemed that he could win the match comfortably.

At this moment, Murray turned the match into his favour by playing some good shots as well as took advantage of the mistakes of his opponent. Vardasco committed mistakes while playing some double faults which allow Murray to get back into the match once again. His serve also became better and saved him from various defeats. Vardasco tried hard to came back into the game but in vain.  Murray did not allow him to come back into the game and he played the decisive game at 3-3 then he pushed back Vardasco and moved into the fifth game after leveling the match with 2-2 sets.  In the fifth and last set, both players tried their best to bring the match in their favour. At one point, both players reached to the score of 5-5 as their games are leveled but after this, Murray did not allow his opponent to win any game and clinched the set with 7-5 decisive victory.

Source:  BBC

Tiffany ex Vice President Faces Allegations of stealing $1.3 million in jewelry

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Tiffany & Co ex vice president of product development has been accused of stealing the jewelry worth $1.3 million from the opulence brand and sold this jewelry pieces to another multinational jewelry company. The case has been reported by an unknown FBI representative to the CNN. After severe accusation, the ex vice president is now behind the bars for further investigation of the case.

FBI has reported that ex vice president of Tiffany & Co, Ingrid Lederhass-Okun was charged with the stealing of 165 pieces of jewelry comprising of earrings, diamond bracelets and pendants, which she stole from January 2011 to February 2013. She is now under arrested and the investigations are started against her. The officials said that she involved in malpractice as she abused her position and she stole the jewelry piece and cancel the prices of the jewelry pieces, then sold to another company wrongly. The case was revealed when she was dropped from the company after its downsizing. After her termination from service, the company conducted the inventory review and it was found that some jewelry pieces were missing. The company made contact with her to get information about the missing jewelry pieces and she responded with false statements. She sent e-mails to the company that the missing jewelry pieces may find in the white envelop at her desk and the company also checked but they did not find any white envelop there.

When the company was made contact to get information, the vice president of Tiffany & Co, Linda Buckley said that the US attorney is conducting the investigation of the case, so we are not in a position to give the comments over the case. It has also been reported that Lederhaas-Okun sold the jewelry pieces to an international company and this company has also a branch in the Midtown Manhattan. During this time, the company has paid more than 75 checks to her and her husband and their amount ranged from $7,525 to $47,400.

FBI laid blame on her that her company offered her the employment with direct access to the expensive jewelry and she made the ill use of her position and stole the jewelry pieces. If she was appointed on the privileged position in the well-reputed company, then it does not mean that she can be protected and avoided from trial in the court. The FBI officers also claimed that different nature of charges will be tried on her including count of wire fraud, which may lead to the imprisonment of 20 years and the other case is interstate transportation of stolen property and it will lead her to the imprisonment of 10 years. Now her prosecution is continued and she will appear in the court on Tuesday.

The court can release her on the bail at $250,000 and she will be released from the jail on her own signature and court will give her one week for the post bond as mentioned by the office of the US Attorney in New York. During this period, she will be under the restriction of travel and she will have to surrender her passport and she will appoint her federal public solicitors to defend her case.

Source:  CNN

Rousseff Suggests Referendum for Social and Political Reforms in Brazil

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Latin American country, Brazil is now facing interior disability in the absence of new political and social reforms in the country. The Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff has decided to implement some political reforms in the country responding to the massive anti-government protests. She declared to carry out a referendum in the country to implement political reforms.

There were various largest demonstrations in the country, which were prevailing in the country in the previous some weeks and the numbers of demonstrators were also increased in different cities of the country with the passage of time. The people protested over the increase in the public transportation fare and this demonstration was spread in the nook and corner of the country and thousands of the people mingled in it. The president, Rousseff accepted the demands of the protesters and presented five ‘pacts’ on different social issues. She also clarified that this referendum will be carried out in the country to make the most demanded political reforms in the country. She said that the people want quick changes in the country, which is dire need for the social changes in the country.

While responding to the prevailing demonstration of the people in the country, she said while talking with the governors and mayors that the country needs fine quality public services, they demanded the effective and impressive mechanisms to root out corruption, which ensure the safety of public money and its perfect and transparent use and political depiction in the society. She also presented some other changes in the country including fiscal responsibility in which special importance should be given on the monetary permanence and inflation management. The government should also bring changes in the health sector with the investment in hospital and clinics, various incentives to the doctors to work in the less privileged areas and offers attractive packages to the foreigner doctors in the area where paucity of doctors is existed. There is also need to make improvements in the public transportation and spend US $22 billion over its betterment, build new infrastructure and set up national council on transportation. She also suggested that Congress should set aside the entire oil revenues for the schools to promote public education.

The other proposals demanded from the demonstrators are the perfect and judicious use of public money to improve the economic and social situation of the country rather than spend illegally and immorally. She hoped that with the cooperation of the common masses of the country, we are capable of solving the problems and we should not be motionless, dissatisfied or alienated. She further added that various countries in the world have to taken back the decision of increase in the fare of the transport which resulted into enhancement in the protests. She declared that there is dire need to have some social and economic reforms in the country and she showed her favor with the protests and said that it the symbol of freedom of speech. She said the public should record their protest but they will not be allowed for the erratic act of prowling and aggression.

Finance Minister Exposes China’s Growth Rate Fall Below 7%


Finance Minister of China, Lou Jiwei pointed out that the economic growth of their country may fall below than 7% in the next month of this year. He told this while talking in Washington that the whole growth rate for the year 2013 would be 7% but it is still not far below the targeted line. Beijing has set the target of the growth rate about 7.5% and most of the economists have the prophecy that this target will be far below. The situation stated by Mr Lou indicates that the growth rate is going to slow down but on the other side, Beijing seeks to be remained an economic power in the region. He also made it clear that this is the target of the government to imply 7% though the government previously set the target of 7.5% in March.

He also mentioned that it was their thought that the growth rate in the first half of the year just under 7.7% and it will further slow to 6% in the second half. Till next three decades, the growth rate of China will be 10% a year. In previous many years, China has performed well and it did not give poor performance and growth rate much higher than the 7.5%. The trade in imports and exports fell short from the earlier year then its trade data for June was also fall short. The consumption of electricity has shown the trustworthy economic indicator and it also rose about 4.9% in the first five months from last year so growth rate reaches to 5.5% in 2012 which was 11.7% in 2011.

The government of President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang is making effort to balance the economy by making less dependence on construction, investment, exports and heavy industries. Consumer spending is considered the small share of economy which is considered third of total spending, which can be compared with the western countries with 50% – 70%. There are some dangers of possible over-investment and bad debts in the industrial and construction sectors. In the previous month, the inter-bank lending market of China froze up and there were some dangers felt about the financial health of the industrial sector. The members of Communist Party have done the corruption and profligacy and the government has cracked down against such illegal activities.

He addresses with the congregation of 150 business executives and ensure them that the government will take action against the nepotism and corruption and advised them for the cultivation of their moral character and cherish the virtues. He further added that they should manage their relatives appropriately and their friends too. You should be loaded with the emotions and spoiled by your feelings or even mislead. Many common citizen of China go astray and they are overwhelmed by the corruption and concession. Till before some time, this was felt at the local government level and now it is appearing in the senior politicians at the national levels. The former Railway Minister, Liu Zhijun has been sentenced to death for the charge of accepting bribe for the construction of high speed rail network.

Source : BBC

Scandalous Report of FBI Files against Michael Jackson Questionable

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Scandalous report of Michael Jackson has declared on Sunday that there were various FBI files, which show that Michael Jackson has paid millions to the many boys whom he abused. This report was spread like jungle fire in the world media. The Jackson family has filed a suit in the court on the wrongful death of Jackson involving concert promoter and the teenage daughter of Michael Jackson has also attempted for suicide recently. Various journalists and other people close to Jackson and his legal fights have declared the FBI files questionable.

Los Angles based CNN Special Investigation reporter, Drew Griffin said that there is no involvement of FBI in these files and these files are 20 years old and he has done the reporting on these files a decade ago. Tom Mesereau, lawyer of Jackson in child molestation charges said that FBI has closed the investigation and there is nothing new in this case. It was charged in the report that Michael Jackson has paid about $35 million to about 24 boys but there was no proof how and when he paid this amount. Now the case of the wrongful death of Jackson has entered in the 10th week and proper medical treatment is being provided to the daughter of Jackson, then this scandalous report is issued.

Paul Barresi, a nefarious porn video maker said that he got the tapes from Mitteager after his death. Barresi lived in the Neverland Ranch, home of Jackson. Graffin made contact with him and asked him to provide assess to the material contained in the tapes. CNN also made contact with him to sell the material to the newspaper but he refused to do so. The newspaper, Sunday People did not confirm that the real source for the paper was Barresi or he provided access to the people. Michael Jackson also hired the services of the private investigator, Anthony Pellicano for working as agent. He carried out various reports, interviews and phone transcripts. Then FBI collected these files during the investigation of Pellicano and these files became part of the Jackson case.

Six months after death of Jackson, in December 2009, FBI released files containing the material and investigations of allegations of child molestation against Jackson. Los Angeles police has already conducted the investigation of child molestation case in September 1993. Police officers met with FBI officers in Los Angeles and suggested them to probe into the possible violation against Jackson for the transportation of minor child to other state for immoral purposes.

Jackson had to finalize the confidential financial settlement with an accuser, Jordan Chandler in 1993 to settle down the lawsuit filed in the court and this settlement was between $16 million and $20 million which is paid by the insurance company of the singer. But the country district attorney of Los Angeles did not pursue the criminal charges against him. When Jackson tried to acquit the case of molestation in Santa Barbara County in California then these accusations of Chandler became the most important part of the prosecution case against him.

Source: CNN

UK Failed in Achieving Carbon Emissions Targets


The climate change has become serious problems in the whole world and various advanced countries are also become prey of it. UK government has also maintained the targets for the climate change till 2020 but it seemed that up till now the UK government is not succeeded in overcoming this issue. The government has formed a committee on the issue of climate changes which revealed that the carbon emission reached to 3.5% in 2012. The government started use of coal to produce electricity and adjustment with the cold weather, the emission of carbon fell to 1% only if it is compared with target of 3%. The committee also gave warning for the Green Deal scheme, which is designed for the people to protect their homes but it seemed that this scheme have negative effect on the climate change.

The report also mentioned that the Green Deal scheme was introduced previous year and most of the people installed roof and wall insulation crater. The chief executive of the committee has said that we did not get the complete figures for uptake of Green Deal scheme but it feels that this scheme has worrying output.  The committee has placed various attractive and strong incentives for implementation by the government to shield their homes including council tax or stamp duty. The committee will release the statistics of Green Deal till Thursday. This scheme has some attractive advantages including installation of new green technology in the property and they will have to pay less cost and they can also pay back their cost through energy bill.

The government has conducted a survey report, which shows that the homes of about 48% people have been surveyed for the implementation of this scheme and they said that they would likely to install the energy saving measures but huge number of people is considered to be low. According to the critics, if half number of surveyed people goes with the scheme then it will not correct for the scheme. Now the people associated with Green Deal are going to fix their attention to buy new boilers instead of insulation of their homes. This has been disclosed by Mr. Kennedy while talking with the BBC News. He further added that people will buy the new boilers themselves and we do not need to launch any scheme for this purpose.

During the year 2012, huge wind power has been added to the grid. There was ambiguity over the energy plans of the government and ministers showed their concerns over the wind power, which disheartened the investors to have endeavor in clean energy. The report shows further that after 2017, the government cannot meet the targets in the budget of carbon. The implementation of solid wall insulation and low carbon heat pumps are slow and firms are also hesitated to make improvements in the efficiency of energy. He further added that until firms and individuals cannot see the obvious trend for the de-carbonizing the economy after the year 2020, the economic situation of the country cannot be improved.

Source: BBC

Boeing Faces Great Fall in Share After 787 Dreamliner Caught Fire at Heathrow

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The Boeing airliner of Ethiopia Airlines caught fire on Friday at the Heathrow airport. The ground staff of Heathrow airport imposed emergency on the airport and they sealed the airport for the rest of the flights until the rescue work has not been completed and the affected airliner has not been removed from there. The airliner was parked at the airport and there was no passenger aboard in the airliner. It is also reported that fifty dreamliners were already grounded the world wide in January due to fault in the lithium-ion batteries. The Boeing Company removed the batteries and replaced them with the latest batteries and the flights were resumed in April. The company has detailed their team from the department of Air Accidents Investigation Branch to know how of the accident happened.

The Ethiopian airliners flew from Addis Ababa to Nairobi on first flight then it was destined to Heathrow airport where it landed safely. When it caught fire on Heathrow airport, the fire brigade staff of the air port along with the London fire brigade staff reached on the spot and they threw the foam over it to put out the fire. Soon after the incident, the share of Boeing fell to 4.7% when the investors got the news of fire on one of its airliner caught at the Heathrow airport. There is down in the stock market of about 7% when they got the news of fire at the Heathrow airport.

In the beginning days of this year, problems in batteries have been occurred, which lead to the grounding of fleet of the airliners and Boeing have to replace the design with new one which was costly for them. Before this incidence, the share of this company was high for previous 52 weeks. The shares of the company have not been falling since August 2011 but with this incidence the shares of Boeing have the biggest drop in one day. Honeywell and Rockwell Collins are the biggest supplying parts companies and their business was also affected. The Boeing has not yet announced the decision for resolving battery problems and pays the compensation amount to the passengers. The company was manufactured 50 airliners which were grounded for lithium-ion battery.

The problems in battery created various difficulties in the airliner, which was brought into the market with fuel efficiency and it can carry the passengers ranging from 201 and 290. This airliner was first used for the transportation of passengers in 2008 and its first commercial flight was started by All Nippon Airways of Japan. An incident was happened when an airliner of Japan airlines 787 caught fire due to overheat of battery on January and after one week, one airliner of Japan airline had to make an emergency landing when a battery started giving smokes. When this news of fire broke out on Friday, the shares of Boeing at the New York stock exchange were fallen. The spokesman of the Boeing said that they are also aware of the incident and they are working to bring the airliners into operational so that they airlines do not get affected their business and travelers will also have the confidence in their airliners as before.

Source: BBC